Floodlines + Outlaw Queen

tickets Doors open 20:00 Commencing 20:30

During this evening we invite two fantastic local bands to enter the stage of P60 and they can show their skills to a new audience.


Floodlines is an Amsterdam band with four members who have already earned their stripes in other formations within the underground punk scene. With dreamy narrative texts they bring a literary touch to the pop-punk genre and balance between modern emo and old school indie rock.

Their single 'Black Sheep Breakout' immediately grabs attention with a hard-hitting intro. Previously, two other singles have been released. 'Exposure' was part of the corona compilation album 'Staying Safe, A Postcard To Punk' and their single 'Wasting Away' has been in the Indie Chart Free40 for several weeks. With a boisterous sing-along repertoire and tireless enthusiasm, Floodlines is not really known for anything yet, but they are eager to play their music on all stages.

Outlaw Queen

Guitar driven Alternative/Indie Rock, that’s what Outlaw Queen is all about. Based in Amsterdam, these four friends have combined their passion for this genre and made it their own taking inspiration from bands such as Wolf Alice, Nothing But Thieves and Paramore. The lockdowns stopped the band from playing live, but they did provide an inspirational space in which they could fully focus on writing their own songs. The result? Loud, fuzzy and moshable guitar riffs combined with boomy basslines, energetic drum fills and infectious melodies.

When Outlaw Queen plays, is the audience assured of a fantastical show full of unique, yet recognizable songs. They seem as comfortable playing the crowd as they do playing their instruments. A performance by Outlaw Queen is guaranteed to send you home in a good mood, with a newfound love for the Alternative/Indie Rock genre. Come see them live and treat yourself to a night you’ll surely remember.