Skamele Presents 180.3

tickets Doors open 22:30 Commencing 22:30

Skamele 180.3 is back, and we listened to your feedback. We've got more lights, more sound, toilets and a line-up that will blow your brains out. Get ready and save the date cause at the 17th of March we will tear down P60.

Skamele Recordings started out as a group of friends that all had a shared love for Drum and Bass. They started DJ'ing around the same time, and wanted to share their passion with a wider audience. The results were live streams, then raves and eventually it cultivated into the club nights they are organising now.

180.3 stands for the BPM at which we like our live sets. This results in a hard up-tempo night that will force you to dance your legs off. On 180.3 we provide you with a mix of local up and coming talent, alongside heavy hitters that have been dominating the scene for years. Are you ready for this fast-paced neurofunk club night?!


·         Pythius vs. Merikan
·         The Clamps
·         Disphonia
·         A-Cray vs. Symplex
·         Mindset
·         CVDP vs. Jannov
·         Skully MC